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Sunday, 7 February 2021

Spectra Systems



Whilst there are several Investing strategies it seems fair to me to say that most seasoned Investors, with maybe at least one eye on retirement and/or a future income stream steer well clear of ‘blue sky’ story stocks with a risk-balanced portfolio. A further risk is mitigated by a spread across sectors whilst homing in on the growth, the security of earnings and cash generation for dividends. So, following the same vein why would such Investors risk their cash in any Company with a subjective secretive board of directors with little investor interaction or communication, covert products and supply chains which are next to impossible to understand, who have failed to hold an AGM for years because it '' it does not have enough shareholder votes to achieve a quorum'', who had to reduce the number of board members due to concerns from one of its customers, and, at least from the outside, appears to be a ''one-man-band'' who seems able to invent things on a whim?