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Thursday, 25 March 2021

AVA Risk Group - $1.8+ million Multi-Site Rail Contract Award



My Australian multi-bagger; Ava Risk Group Limited (ASX: AVA), is pleased to announce that its world-leading Aura Ai sensing solution has been selected to be deployed for a multi-site program to upgrade security at certain major rail facilities in South America:

  • Security upgrade program with a total award value of more than US$1.40 million (A$1.84 million).
  • Multiple Aura Ai-2 systems will be fully integrated with the customer’s existing video management software and CCTV system.
  • The first purchase order received exceeding US$0.47million (A$0.61 million).
  • Initial deployment at first sites in early Q4 FY2021 with the balance of sites expected for deployment before the end of Q4 FY2021.

Ava Group CEO Rob Broomfield said, “FFT Aura Ai-2 was the solution selected, to protect the rail sites, due to our exceptional event classification capability, extended sensing distance and cut resilience capability. A further key factor in the contract win was FFT’s previous success in protecting railway infrastructure and the company’s strong reputation across the broader transportation sector."

What is FFT Aura Ai-2?

AURA AI-2 PROVIDES TWO CHANNEL LONG RANGE HIGH SENSITIVITY INTRUSION DETECTION FFT Aura Ai-2 applies artificial intelligence to detect and locate skilled stealthy intruders climbing, cutting or lifting perimeter fences with high sensitivity. With two real-time simultaneous detection channels, Aura Ai-2 can be configured to provide cut resilience and redundancy. FFT Aura Ai-2 also provides high sensitivity detection in buried fibre applications such as covert buried or pipeline intrusion detection. FFT Aura Ai-2 is also perfect for monitoring fibre optic communications networks. The system can monitor tapping and tampering by connecting spare (dark) fibres inside each network cable to Aura Ai-2. Network cable disturbances, including removing protective layers, attempted tapping or cable movement, will be instantly detected and generate an alarm indicating the location. Aura Ai-2’s next-generation optoelectronics deliver industry-leading accuracy over an extended detection distance of 80 km (50 miles) on fences or 110km (70 miles) when buried. APPLICATIONS Intelligence Agencies Nuclear Facilities Data Networks Armed Forces Correctional Facilities Power Stations Oil and Gas Perimeters and Pipelines Airports Borders.

Today's news had little impact on the share price or created much attention on the forums; perhaps another A$1m PLUS is not exciting enough for the Australian investment community. Perhaps they are more expectant on another front. I know I am waiting for what I believe will be the game-changer for this company and the mining conveyor belt industry. Tests for the Aura IQ, I expect, will change the way big mining corporations mines manage conveyor belt maintenance. It is much safer, more accurate and more efficient than conventional monitoring methods and could save mining companies millions of dollars. 

The shares closed flat at A$0.51c, which is a multi-bag from my A$0.12c. I expect it to more than double again. I am keeping a tight grip on my shares because this is a fantastic little Australian company that will continue to grow. It has performed brilliantly over the past year; It has increased margins across the board, increased sales and generated record invoices. This company is only going to get better.