Saturday, 8 January 2022


Small Company Champion is operated and run by investors for investors. We have decades of experience in the stock markets; therefore, we have a wealth of experience that has forced us to adapt with each market crash; our first was way back in October 1987. 

The first contemporary global financial crisis unfolded on October 19, 1987, a day known as “Black Monday,” when the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 22.6 per cent. The editor, Elric Langton, had been investing for just 9-months - a baptism not forgotten. 

If you are relatively new to investing, you will be forgiven for thinking market crashes events are rare; they are not. However, market crashes, or meltdowns, are far more regular than you may think.

There have been regular market turmoil, market crashes, or global crisis; call them what you like, the result is the same. Portfolio turmoil!

We have gained the trust and respect of several companies we have featured over the years. They trust us to be balanced and informative; therefore, we often become the conduit between investors and companies. 

We appreciate time can be a premium for busy people, and time spent researching companies is time lost with the family and loved ones and hobbies and pursuits far more exciting than ploughing through the internet researching.

We operate two different subscription-based services

We know many investors with very different ideas and strategies; therefore, we have adapted to keep two distinct disciplines separate. 

Our recent history

I do not claim to get it right 100% of the time. Still, when I do, my research has resulted in unearthing plenty of multi-baggers, such as Ava Risk Group ($0.12c high of $0.79c) PowerHouse Energy (0.25p high of 10p) Itaconix (5.50p high of 17p) SkinBioTherapeutics (9p high of 76p), Seeing Machines (4.4p high of 13p) OptiBiotix Health (55p high of 133p) Open Orphan (21p high of 46p). Not all multi-bag, of course, some of my more sedate featured companies like Warehouse Reit (115p high of 152p) Ramsdons Holding 140p high of 182p, and Equals (40p High of 81p),  The list goes on. 

Small Company Champion

This site has a defined set of filters designed to seek the best opportunities for growth from companies. These companies will be established companies with a history delivering on the corporate strategy. Some of these would pay regular dividends and are therefore worthy as income investments if you were so inclined. 

These companies are not expected to attract the same level of excitement as a company with multi-bagger potential or expectations, often unrealistic. But, these are companies you would not expect to spike to all-time highs, then retrace 50 plus per cent, often experienced on the AIM market. Simply put, these are not as volatile as the companies we feature at Lemming Investor Research Newsletter.


Lemming Investor Research & Newsletter

We try to do is seek early-stage disruptive companies, which by their nature can be difficult to hold as an investment; therefore, it is vital to garner as much information as possible. This allows for informed decisions and less speculation. But, their very nature is far more volatile than the companies featured in Small Company Champion. 

We avoid the social media frenzy around speculative stocks and believe you should do. Twitter and financial forums should not be classed as research. But, if you excuse the pun, we can help you on the research path with great does for the future and often ahead of the lemming crowd.