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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Open Orphan - Company Response to FinnCap Note!

 Hi, below is an email response from Open Orphan investor relations after I complained about the quality of the morning note from house broker, FinnCap. I do not know if the problem was a typo, poor grammar, lazy analysis, or a mixture. It seemed to be the analyst had not kept abreast of the company's progress, which negligent in the extreme.

I am also aware of replies from the AIM regulators after several investors voiced their concerns, including the odd conspiracy that suggested the fall was engineered for mates and entry rates. I do not subscribe to this. However, nothing would surprise me - I have seen much worse during my three decades investing my own funds.

Ava Risk Group - Material Uplift Pending



Ava Risk Group (ASX: AVA) has been disappointing this year and someway defies belief because the company has made astonishing progress on all fronts. Most companies have struggled due to covid-19; many have cut or not paid a dividend because the strategy is to preserve cash. AVA has bucked this trend by paying dividends, increasing net cash, increased margins, and debt-free; what’s not to like!

For now, the shares languish around the au$0.41c, which is 50% off their high but well ahead of my initial report at au$0.12c.