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Our legacy of market expertise began on a day that still resonates deeply within the financial world—“Black Monday,” 19 October 1987. This was not just our introduction to the market's caprices; it was a profound learning experience that has shaped our approach through every subsequent market upheaval. If you think market crashes are rare, let us assure you they are more common than many realise, and we have weathered them all.

At Small Company Champion and Lemming Investor Research Newsletter, we go beyond mere reporting. We've earned the trust and respect of numerous companies we've spotlighted, providing a balanced, informative bridge between these entities and our readers—investors like you, who deserve more than just data.

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We do our best to broaden our research across the LSE, AIM, ASX, NASDAQ and the NYSE, where one of our more recent features, Livent Corporation, at $21.31c and looking excellent value on a 2-3 year view and beyond on the back of significant demand for electric vehicles surges around the world. In addition, we have highlighted a raft of up-and-coming Companies we expect to ride the EV craze, the need for lithium, and supporting industries.

At Small Company Champion and Lemming Investor Research Newsletter, we pride ourselves on casting a wide net in our relentless pursuit of investment opportunities that span globally recognised exchanges like the LSE, AIM, ASX, NASDAQ, and NYSE.

Small Company Champion specifically targets the cream of the crop in terms of growth potential. We utilise a robust set of filters to identify established companies that promise and deliver on their corporate strategies. Many of these are consistent dividend payers, appealing as reliable income investments. We categorise these opportunities as "Zulu-Esq" investments—high forecasted earnings growth at low current valuations—ideal for those who prefer steadiness over the speculative surges typical of multi-bagger prospects. Such companies offer less volatility and more predictable returns, avoiding the dramatic peaks and troughs often seen in markets like the AIM.

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At Lemming Investor Research Newsletter, our mission is to unearth the potential in early-stage, disruptive companies that are shaping the future. While these investments offer extraordinary growth opportunities, their inherent volatility demands thorough research and careful consideration to mitigate risks and reduce reliance on speculation.

Steering Clear of the Noise: In our commitment to delivering pure, unbiased insights, we consciously avoid the frenzy often associated with social media platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Our experience has shown that these platforms can be dominated by moderators with vested interests, who may promote stocks for personal gain—potentially leading to poor decision-making for the uninformed investor. At Lemming Investor Research Newsletter, we believe that credible investment research should be untainted by such biases and should not rely on these channels.

Commitment to Transparency: Integrity is at the core of what we do. We maintain complete transparency about our financial interests in any company we feature. Moreover, we ensure that our subscribers are the first to know of our trading intentions, providing at least a 24-hour notice before any sell action, thereby safeguarding their ability to make timely and informed decisions.

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Are you an investor eager to confidently navigate the often turbulent waters of the stock market? Consider subscribing to our expertly curat...