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Sunday, 11 April 2021

Spectra Systems - Receives notice of allowance from US Patent & Trademark Office


Spectra Systems (SPSY) Receives notice of allowance from the US Patent & Trademark Office for banknote disinfecting technology and expects a patent within six weeks. Technology can disinfect 5 million banknotes in less than two hours by using nitrogen to create an oxygen-free atmosphere, along with heat, to deactivate SARS-2. Other applications have been filed in other regions across the world.

Chief Executive Nabil Lawandy says, "Central banks and casinos that exchange cash with the public may conclude that a proactive approach rather than denial is the logical approach to maintaining the use of cash worldwide." 

Original Zulu report 

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Lemming and SCC Updates WE 26 the March 2021

It has been a busy week for both sites, with updates; AVA, DDDD, OPTI SPSY, SBTX and ORPH.

I have incorporated the links for those of you less familiar with the sites. 

Synairgen (SNG) and 4D Pharma (DDDD) are letting us down at the moment. Optibiotix Health  (OPTI), well, it seems normal to be frustrated even in the face of a huge boost in the NAV via SkinBiTherapeutics (SBTX) runaway leading multi-baggers, which is challenging ASX listed AVA for the title.

Those of you who prefer less risk should keep an eye on Spectra Systems (SPSY), Ramsdens (RFX) and Warehouse Reit (WHR), which is also waking up after an acquisition spree to boost growth and take advantage of the growing warehouse and storage needs. 

Remember the search facility on both sites. You can change the date thereafter for new or archives. 

AVA Risk Group is primed to go again. Trust me on this. It is just a matter of time.  The clues are there!

Likewise, ORPH will surprise some of the covid rainbow chasing investors and wonder how this let this gem pass them by.

Finally, it has been pointed out to me I should be wary of suggesting £9 million in sales for SBTX because investors may blame me for misleading them. 

Allow me to be clear; the £9.125m sales figure anyone able to navigate their finger around a calculator accurately and punch in £25,000 per day (psoriasis subscriptions) x 365 = £9.125 million would surely arrive at the same. The subscription figure as is the dose are Stuart Ashman's numbers, and they are not mine. Moreover, I have asked Stuart if he is happy to quote these and the maths; he said I put those figures out there. Another £25 million figure = 10% of the £250m to £300 million is the target for the Croda/Sederma Matrixl market share. 

With respect to the psoriasis probiotic launch, this will be a B2c model, so people thinking this will be a slow process as they have experienced with OptiBiotix's LP-LDL probiotic which via a B2B model. Moreover, as a friend says, people with cardiovascular issues still walk in the McD's and feast on a big mac. Someone suffering from psoriasis is more publicly aware of their image. But let us not forget, the consumer study is no longer about treating the horrible condition: Psoriasis; the company announced on Monday they were expanding the study to enabled the inclusion of an additional cohort of participants with non-psoriatic conditions, e.g. AcneEczema, and RosaceaThere even reports of dandruff clearing up!

I'll say this. Stuart Ashman has discussed talks with several psoriasis associations he is in discussions with. The USA association has more than 8 million registered sufferers. 
My default position is to trust what a CEO tells me unless they give cause not to. 

Monday, 22 March 2021

Spectra Systems - Phenomenal FY 2020


Spectra Systems Corp (SPSY) shares got a boost in early trading today (Monday) on the back of the positive report of a rise in revenue and profit for 2020 as demand for banknote materials and equipment increased. Not bad, given most companies have nothing but negative reports for 2020.

The Rhode Island-based company generated revenue of $14.7 million, up 11% from $13.2 million the prior year. Pretax profit increased by 20% to $5.4 million from $4.5 million. The firm declared an annual dividend of $0.095 per share and said share buybacks will continue.

Shares were up 4.5% at 170p bid at the close today; Spectra remains 5p lower than the Zulu Growth report on 7th February 2021.